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How to write a winning Job Post

Everyone wants their advert to attract attention from the right candidates, which is why we decided to offer some suggestions to help you communicate your job opportunity as effectively as possible:

1. Start with writing a good title for your job post, so that your advert stands out from the rest. Think about a unique selling point of the job opportunity, and keep it punchy to avoid too much text.

2. Then describe who you are as a clinic, your practice style and philosophy, the type of patients you love to work with and why. Include any beliefs you have around care, running your practice, health, and clinic protocol. 

3. Follow with what is expected from the candidate. Include any specific clinic policies, techniques, if they would be required to do screenings, promotions, public speaking, or work the weekends and late nights.

4. Then highlight any benefits and perks of the job, such as; mentoring, holidays, bonus schemes, etc.

5. Finally, include photos of your practice, team, and location, to catch attention and further promote and build a clearer image of the opportunity.

Watch our video to find out how to easily advertise your job vacancy with us: