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dennis lenselink
23rd December 2018


United States.

Integrated DC/PT?MD rehab center in Bloomington Minnesota

About The Practice

Selling practice due to health issues, arthritic changes to spine (DISH) and shoulders. Fully integrated DC/PT/MD. Will sell as full integrated or just DC/PT or just as a DC clinic. Price will reflect this. Full practice: $120K, DC/PT: $112, DC (drug screen & Acupuncture services included) $95K. Drug screening alone is generating $80K cash. Stats back to 2011. Will stay as Office manager for transition as needed. Clinic generated around $1.2 million in 2017 and 2018.generated about $1.2 million in services. Contact me for details, will release information after signing non-disclosure agreement. Go to WWW. to see complete overview of me, clinic and location.

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