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Dr Melanie Freiwald

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Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Andorra, most of Europe

About Me

• Passionate chiropractor looking for opportunities to grow internationally.
• Available for Locums in NZ, Australia and Europe. Fluent in German and English. Basic understanding of Spanish.
• Experienced in developing and maintaining a busy practice
• Served approximately 100 patient visits per week
• Competent in a variety of techniques including Diversified, Drop-Assist (Thompson), Gonstead, Toggle & Activator
• Public speaker and advocate for the chiropractic profession – regular business presentations
• Bilingual (German and English)
• Dual Citizenship (Germany and New Zealand)

Get in Touch

Website:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/melanie-freiwald-308b4492
Telephone:  +61405700671

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