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Help! We need you! Great opportunity for a Chiropractor in Manchester

Ref #CJO00672

Manchester, United Kingdom

£30,000 - 70,000 per Annum in Manchester

+ Benefits

Full-time position

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Job description

We believe that your first few years out of college are so important. They will influence the rest of your career and how you will practice as a Chiropractor for years to come.
We have lost count of how many times we have heard over the years from Chiropractors that:
- They are disillusioned and fed up of being left by themselves in a room to fend for themselves.
- That new patients are few and far between.
- That they have had no support or mentor on hand from experienced Chiropractors.


At Bury Chiropractic we are here to provide you with the type of support and mentoring that you deserve with an abundance of new patients for you to serve.
We have a great opportunity for an associate to join our warm and refreshing team. We are based in the North of Manchester, a mere 9 miles from the city centre.
We can provide you with the tools you feel you are lacking, not only to build, but to sustain an ethically flourishing patient list.
We are offering you a full time position in our newly refurbished, relaxing centre with digital x rays on site.
We are looking for an outgoing and invigorating individual who is interested in personal development, well-being and becoming part of our great team.

We can offer you:
1. Support with your technique and help in mastering your adjusting skills.
2. A guaranteed basic wage/retainer plus achievable bonuses- previous associates have earned £30-£40k in their first year with us.
3. Adjusting shifts no longer than 5 hours at a time with patients cluster booked rather than spread across an entire day.
4. A mixture of early morning starts and early finishes or afternoon starts and 7pm finishes.
5. Weekly coaching sessions covering cases studies, technique and communication skills amongst others, as well as one to ones when you need them.
6. A month of training focusing on building your confidence and mastering the consultation, report of findings and your adjusting skills. We even pay YOU for this!
7. FREE access to our training program which retails at £6997.

Plus sponsorship if you need it!

GET GOING AND CONTACT US email: Tel: 07887576381

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  • Salary/Rate: £30k - 70k per Annum
  • Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Hours: Full-time
  • Benefits: FREE access to a £7000 training program and ongoing training.

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