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Fantastic Opportunity for an Associate in Scotlands Biggest 8 Weeks to Wellness Centre!

Ref #CJO00474

£24,000 - 50,000 per Annum in Perth

+ Benefits

Full-time position

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Chiropractic Life Health & Wellness

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Job description

Are you a new graduate, about to graduate this summer, or simply looking for something more? Do you feel as though you have a lot to give? Then this may be the opportunity for you!

At Chiropractic Life Health & Wellness we believe that "what gets measured gets managed", so we put all the focus on objective functional health assessment, opposed to subjective symptom based sick care. This concept is often spoken about but in reality rarely practiced.

Our Chiropractic approach is Thompson technique, however we also encourage our patients to address their lifestyle by improving how they move, think, and eat. One of the programs that we offer in our clinic is 8 Weeks to Wellness, which is a complete Chiropractic and lifestyle program, consistently achieving life changing results.

We are primarily a Chiropractic clinic with a strong focus on Chiropractic Philosophy, however we also have an onsite Functional Fitness Facility, Massage Therapy, Nutrition and Supplementation Programs, as well as Stress Management Program. Depending on the patients needs and health goals we will tailor the appropriate care plan in order to achieve optimal results.

So.... do you want to learn how to detect, analyse, and correct a vertebral subluxation and master Thompson Technique?
Do you want to learn how to functionally assess your patients?
Do you want to learn the 8 Weeks to Wellness model?
Do you want to learn how to market yourself and educate your patients about living a healthy lifestyle?
Do you want to consistently get life changing results with your patients and sleep at night knowing you have done your best?
Do you potentially want to open a clinic in the future but need the mentoring and guidance to do so?

If you simply want to find out more, just apply and lets have a chat to see if this is the right position for you. We don't bite!

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  • Start Date: Dependant on Canditate
  • Salary/Rate: £24k - 50k per Annum
  • Location: Perth, United Kingdom
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Hours: Full-time
  • Benefits: Weekly Coaching and Mentoring plus many many more opportunities!!

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