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The Edinburgh Lectures 2019

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This June, Chiropractic Jobs Online proudly sponsored the Edinburgh Lectures. An annual seminar for  Chiropractors worldwide to come together in beautiful Edinburgh. Speakers at this years event included:

  • Dr Dane Donohue (DC & Wellness Expert)
  • Dr David Fletcher (DC & Chiropractic Neuro Expert)
  • Dr Liz Anderson-Peacock (DC & Chiropractic Neuro Expert)
  • Dr Robert Silverman (DC & Chiropractic Nutrition Expert)
  • Dr Skip Wyss (Pediatric & Family Specialist)
  • Dr Shawn Dill (DC & Technique & Philospohy Expert)
  • Dr Lacey Book (DC & Technique & Philospohy Expert)
  • Dr Jeb McAviney (DC & Technique & Philospohy Expert)
  • Melissa Sandford (DC & Chiropractic Advocate)

As well as Seminars and Networking, the event also supports a greater cause - The Scotland College of Chiropractic. Funds raised over the past 14 years have contributed to making a Chiropractic College in Scotland possible. The college is due to open in 2020. 

If you would like information and notification on next years event, including early bird discounts. Please email us at: