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Just in case you missed our article in 33 Principles Magazine - Why Chiropractic Recruitment is Different.


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Why is recruitment in Chiropractic different from any other profession?

“One of the biggest problems Chiropractors face when trying to grow their business is finding good associates.”

In this article we will explore why finding a Chiropractic associate is more difficult than any other job position and how to improve your chances.

I recently posted a job for a Chiropractic Assistant on Within a week I had over 100 applicants! I was absolutely blown away by the sheer number of CV’S, especially when compared to advertising for a Chiropractic Associate. Last time I was advertising for an associate I advertised in the classified section of the SCA, UCA, and BCA and I only had 3 applicants over a 6 month period. So why such a discrepancy?

The answer lies in the limited number of associates available. In 2018 there were 3,233 registered Chiropractors in the UK compared to 54,000 registered Physiotherapists! Taking into account many of these Chiropractors own their own business or work alone it is apparent that the pool from which to find your superstar associate is limited.

With many of the graduating Chiropractors from the UK colleges moving abroad, and practicing Chiropractors retiring or taking maternity leave the numbers are really struggling to grow. In 2015 there were 3,034 registered Chiropractors in the UK, growing to 3,242 in 2016, then dropping to 3,195 in 2017, and currently sitting at 3,233.

Looking further afield there are approximately 120,000 registered chiropractors world-wide. Still, this is extremely low considering Chiropractic is “apparently” the third largest primary health care profession in the world.

Due to the restrictive nature of the GCC Test of Competence, we can’t even rely on overseas Chiropractors relocating to fill the void. So without addressing the issue of increasing the number of practicing Chiropractors all you can do is make sure your job advert gets maximum exposure and is more attractive than the others. In such a niche industry it requires a niche approach to finding your dream associate.  

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