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How to Write a Clickable Title When Recruiting Chiropractic Associates

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When posting a Chiropractic job advert, first impressions count, be creative with your title. When Chiropractors are scrolling through jobs, they are looking for location and personality. By personality, we mean using: tone, Adjectives or Unique Selling points to encourage viewership. This can describe your practice, team, customer base or work benefits. If you are a friendly practice, don't be afraid to make your title fun. 

The global chiropractic community is small, so include location to your chiropractic jobs post can make a big difference. Location is what will drive the most traffic to your advert, so try to include it in your title. Location can be included by city, state and/or country depending on how large the area is. If your clinic is remote, use the nearest large town or county/state in your title. This will help your advert come up in web searches and be recognised by users on our website. This will ensure your advert gets traffic to the right people. If you are based in a small country like the UK, then its acceptable to only mention "UK" in the title, before specifying the area in your advert.

The title is basic but will have an impact on the success of your advert, so make sure you include the information given. We have put together a few exaples below:

Title Examples

Calling all DC's of the Washington DC
Gentle DC needed in friendly family, New York Clinic 
Awesome Associate in Adelaide
London Associate DC, Sponsorhisp Covered 
A-Player Chiropractor needed for dynamic team in Germany

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