About Chiropractic Jobs Online

Chiropractic Jobs Online is a revolutionary way to advertise and discover Chiropractic jobs globally.


But we're not just a job board.

We believe that connecting like-minded Chiropractors is the key to creating the most successful, prosperous, and fulfilling working partnerships.

We are incredibly proud of our profession, and have identified that in order for it to truly excel & grow we must strengthen the cords that interconnect our community, thus allowing for even more like-minded Chiropractors to be brought together, and into alignment with their professional purpose.

Dr Daniel Brown DC

About the Founder:

Chiropractic Jobs Online was founded by Dr Daniel Brown DC, who first identified a need for the service through his experiences as an employer seeking qualified staff for his Perth based clinic in Scotland. He soon realised that his personal frustrations were equally shared by fellow Chiropractors and new graduates alike, who felt disparaged that recruitment within the community was so fragmented.

Understanding the need for a single digital location, Dr Brown set out to create an attractive and intuitive global platform to connect Chiropractors with their dream jobs and employers with their dream Chiropractors. 

…And finally Chiropractic Jobs Online was born!

So please feel free to familiarise yourself with our site, post a job, access information, and explore our ever-expanding world of professional possibilities…


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